Sven Grünberg - Milarepa

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Sven Grünberg - Milarepa
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Erdenklang 30642 (1993) | world - electronica - new-age

The eight-hundred-year-old texts ot the great Tibetan yogi and poet MILAREPA have been awakened to new life. Thanks to the music and songs of the Estonian musician SVEN GRÜNBERG. Grünberg has had the orignal texts, which have been handed down, translated into the Estonian language by his master Linnart Mäll.

By the perposeful and Spartan use ot many instruments (see booklet) in conjuction with electronics, Grünberg produces a dramatic effect of inmmense depth and feeling. We perceive "unheard" music, something grand which is never expressed. Thus Grünberg bows in humility before the life's work
of the saintly Tibetan Buddhist and poet MILAREPA (1040-1123) who has brought even for the present age such a significant turn from black to white magic; the charismatic, Tantric yogi who opened for us the path to mental freedom, to the totality of knowledge, to consummate transcendence.

GRÜNBERG's life began 1956 in Estonia but he built his career as a musician and composer in the former USSR, where he made a name for himself as one or the few pioneers of electronic music. The climax of this part of his life is undoubtedly his album "OM" which was published by Melodija in 1988 and is known all over the world. (His first album "Hingus" appeared in 1981). His main interest as a musician and composer is to transfer mythological and metaphorical pictures especially of the Asiatic folk music into a global, contemporary view of our world.

01 - Themes [2:20]
02 - Thunder [4:24]
03 - Hermitage [4:56]
04 - Breath (VI) [5:16]
05 - Going [6:06]
06 - Wealth [4:31]
07 - Trust [3:17]
08 - In Mind [6:16]
09 - Tibet [4:25]
10 - Illusory [4:58]

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Bassoon, Book Chel, Brass
Castanets, Celesta, Choir, Claves, Congas
Da Zhong, Dhung Chen
Electronics, English Horn
Flugle Horn, Flutes, French Horn
Japan FX
Shakuhachi, String Orchestra, Synthesizer
Tablas, Taegum, Taiko, Tam-Tam, Tambourine, Temple Block, Tibetan Monks, Timpani, Trumpet, Tubular Bells
Wind Bells

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